CCTV Solutions:

We provide the A-to-Z of Security Systems including CCTV and IP Surveillance, with flexible and scalable solutions for professional video surveillance and remote monitoring. We make deployment easy in all types of environments: indoor, outdoor, wired, wireless, and in rough conditions, with networked video.

Access Control Systems:

We supply and install Access Control Systems that are of high quality with low maintenance. Our Bio Metric time and attendance system gives a precise system to measure your staff activities. An advanced facial recognition software application can identify a specific individual for more high security control.Our wide range of Video Door Phones allows to check entry door access with option to communicate with the visitor to monitor, record and capture images of any visits for improved management. Bundled with Panic Button, Alarm & Siren Function, Door Lock/ Unlock feature, Night-vision and Multi-zone Wire/ Wireless Sensor Connectivity, we provide the most secure intrusion protection system.